Maxarth—Creative Data and Aalytical Solutions


We specialize in the collection, synthesis, and analysis of data for informing policy and practice. Solving challenging problems or responding to unique opportunities requires keen insights that come from sophisticated analysis, conducted in a timely manner. Our philosophy is to utilize the analytical tools that match in sophistication the complexity of the problem facing our client. We work closely with clients to define the problem, diagnose it, and devise a solution for it based on our analysis. We employ statistical models, mathematical reasoning, and decision-theoretic analyses to help our clients make creative use of all available evidence. Our services include:

Data Synthesis and Management — we help clients synthesize information from a variety of data sources into centralized databases; we create simulation and optimization tools; and we design synthetic decision support systems.

Forecasting and Predictive Analysis — we design and undertake individual risk or needs assessment and validation studies; perform responsivity analysis; model, trace, and predict risk trajectories; analyze and predict behavioral heterogeneity; and generate short-, medium-, and long-term forecasts.

Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis — we help clients evaluate programs and practices; we design and undertake experimental, quasi-experimental, or observational studies; we devise micro-simulation tools; and we conduct policy analysis.

Capacity Building — we work closely with clients to train staff on the appropriate use of empirical evidence; on how to recover robust information from transactional data systems; on practical ways to devise and utilize simulation tools; and to appreciate the powers and limitations of statistical and mathematical analysis.